Our Features

Customer Services

Customer service answers all questions through phone line and make the necessary referrals. We ensure top level customer satisfaction using our social media channels.

Environmental Awareness

We have been working towards spreading the awareness on our country´s and the world´s future with the social projects we consider as a "responsibility" rather than a "requirement" utilizing our efficient and solution oriented environmental policies.

Company Values

We grow under our corporate values such as honesty, reliability, respect, awareness, social responsibilities, sufficiency, innovative approach, environmental awareness and determination.

Energy Efficient Products

We have been setting an example for other producers without A++ energy consumption rating and working towards building a better future and leaving an ideal place to leave behind for next generations.

Product Quality

Since 1954, we have been producing more than 325 types of innovative and environmentalist products without compromising quality as the very first deep freezer manufacturer in Israel.


Long-lasting products decorate the homes and workplaces of 10s of thousands today.

Service Quality

We have been offering interactive solutions with our country wide customer call centers as well as Tadiran Pover authorized dealers that serve one on one and provide individual support.

Customer Orientation

We reach the right customer through the right channel on the right time. We provide services with our award-winning online platform which ensure the simple conclusion of customers´ processes while providing services at a level our customers deserve.

Our Quality Management

Maintain, develop and follow-up with the results with measurable and comparable data in accordance with the internationally accepted TS_EN ISO 9001

Export to 43 countries.

812 Employees

More than 3000 piece daily production.

121 Product variety

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