Industrial ventilation and air conditioning

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July 31, 2017
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Industrial ventilation and air conditioning

Industrial steel air conditioning and ventilation systems

Ventilation of large facilities, such as industrial buildings and facilities, office centers and
housing complexes, is associated with the movement of significant amounts of air. This problem can
not cope with conventional air conditioners, nor, especially, household fans. Here we need a special
powerful technique, designed and placed in a special way. It should be noted that industrial plants
have significant dimensions and weight. Suffice it to say that for their fastening special metal structures are used that can withstand significant static and dynamic loads, and for installation of industrial ventilation devices cranes are often used.
Industrial ventilation represents the process of organizing the necessary air exchange in the premises industrial scale, it is the ventilation of large objects with high airflow, industrial the amount of heat and cold supplied.
Ventilation is the exchange of air in rooms to remove excess heat, moisture, harmful substances
With the aim of providing acceptable meteorological conditions and clean air in the serviced zone.
Unlike air conditioners, ventilation systems are installed in all residential and office buildings.
The availability of ventilation systems is so important that the requirements for their technical characteristics have the force of law. ¬†All this is explained by the fact, that in the absence of ventilation in enclosed spaces, the concentration of carbon dioxide increases and Other harmful substances. This negatively affects people’s health, causes headache, Drowsiness, loss of efficiency. There are several types of ventilation in systems with a natural motivation, air enters and leaves the room due to gravitational forces and wind pressure. The natural ventilation is due to the difference in the temperatures of the outdoor and room air and wind power. The wind pressure of the air exerts pressure on one side of the building, driving the air into the room, and from the lee side, by means of vacuum, sucks the air out of the room.
Air exchange depends on the type of building material of the building walls.
In mechanical ventilation systems, air is moved by fans (fans, Electric motors, air heaters, dust collectors, automatics, etc.), allowing to move Air over considerable distances. Such systems can supply and remove air from local  zones of the room in the required quantity, regardless of the changing conditions of the surrounding air environment.
Exhaust ventilation removes contaminated or heated exhaust air from the room (workshop, enclosure).

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