About us

Tadiran specializes in the production of advanced domestic technology and solving technical problems of varying complexity.

We have been supporting the free market in its development of advanced technologies, The main goal of our company Tadiran has a high quality product and personal approach to each.

Tadiran was founded in 1958 as a part of the military-industrial complex of Israel. Most of the products came to the US market.

Concern carried out the issue of consumer and military telecommunication equipment, communications equipment, various batteries, refrigerators and air conditioners. We are actively engaged in creating energy saving technologies since 2000:
  • every day we creating new ideas to life.
  • we have created lamps with low power consumption thanks to the unique value of cos (f)
  • over the last year while maintaining a high level of quality, we have reduced the price of the basic product by 20%
Company Tadiran Power Ltd focuses on the newest development in the sphere of air conditioning systems of all types. Company has big constructive and engineering experience and fast reaction to specific market demand and partners’ needs.

We pay big attention to quality of products. A single system of quality control TQMS (Tadiran QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) has been introduced since 2015. TQMS is used with all Tadiran range and includes perfect check-out of bought components, control of manufacturing process on all stages and test of equipment before shipping of end products. Release of products is realized in the enterprise of Tadiran Power Ltd and also in partners’ enterprises which are situated in Italy, China, the USA and Malaysia.

Collaboration with leading specialized enterprises all over the world by ODM principle let us get the best prices and high flexibility in range with full guarantee of single quality standard of end products thanks to reproduction of our own development and conceptions, full control of all working cycle, quality of components and our own check-out at the end of manufacture.

Markets of North, Middle and South America as ones of the most dynamic are with highest priority for Tadiran Power Ltd.

Uninterrupted development and constant self-improvement are parts of main principles of Tadiran. These principles make us move forward not only in product range and quality, but also in our presentation on market.