Standart on/off cassette type Series

Premium Inverter cassette type Series

Standart on/off cassette type Series


Inter-relief system of copper pipes – even flow of refrigerant, increased heat transfer efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
Fireproof metal block of the control board.
Drain pump – lifting of condensate to 0.8 m.
Forced ventilation.
Cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidification.
Distribution of air in four directions.
Additional protection against leakage of condensate.
-Intensive TURBO mode.
-Automatic operation Intellect Auto.
-Night mode Night Care.
-ON and OFF timer for 24 hours.
-Improved reliability and service life of the conditioner.
-Automatic restart.
-Self-testing and protection system.
-Anti Rust: anti-corrosion coating of the outdoor unit.

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