TAD Mini Series

Outdoor units

TAD Mini Series


Inverter multi-zone systems, specially designed for small facilities: apartments, cottages, small businesses.
Equipped with high-efficiency DC-inverter compressors of the new generation.
4 models of outdoor units with the performance of 10 to 16 kW are available.
Inverter multizone TAD systems are modern high-performance air-conditioning systems that allow creating and maintaining a comfortable microclimate in several premises. You can connect up to 27 indoor units of different types: wall-mounted, cassette, ducted, floor-to-ceiling to a single outdoor unit (module) of the system.
Outdoor units can be placed on the roof, in the basement or on the technical floor. Dimensions and weight of the units allow lifting them using a standard elevator without special lifting equipment
Outdoor TAD units go through a usual doorway.
Currently, there are 2 types of systems: TAD Mini and TAD IV, the latter of which is designed in a modular fashion. You can combine up to four outdoor modules in a single system. The overall performance of such system reaches 180 kW, up to 110 indoor units can operate in the system.

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