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December 28, 2017
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Supermarket products represent a freezer or refrigerating showcase, which designed for storage, display or display of chilled or frozen products. In the last time  Supermarket products are becoming more popular in stores, supermarkets, different type of service any shopping area. With the help of refrigerating or freezing bonete you can conveniently and clearly place all the necessary items, to provide reliable storage and beneficial to present it to the buyers, which greatly increase the level of sales.

All made Supermarket products are divided into:

  • low temperature (freezer)
  • medium-temperature (cold) .

Supermarket products refrigeration (medium temperature) cool foods and allow you to store them in the temperature range of
in the range -1…+50C. Freezer bonnets (low) working at temperatures in the range -18…-250C.
There are also combined Supermarket products, they are able to work in the medium temperature mode, and low temp.

Depending on the design features distinguish:

  • Supermarket products Pool type
  • glazed Supermarket products
  • open Supermarket products, with external or built-in unit.

Supermarket products – a showcase of the closed type, it allows you to put in pretty large volumes of products.  Glazed Supermarket products are placed along the inner walls of the trading floor of the supermarkets, the goods placed in glazed Supermarket products gets the seller. Open Supermarket products are placed in the center of a trading hall, they are particularly convenient for customers.

Freezer Supermarket products are produced with many functionality in addition, they are equipped with many improvised elements that simplify working with them. For example, a shelf, installed at the centre, provides the opportunity to position products, special refrigerated display cases for displaying meat products in addition to meat will allow you to keep prepared meals and other culinary products, you can also order and showcase purely for self-service.

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