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August 21, 2017
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Freezer offers freestanding and built-in, with varying internal volumes, functions, classes, energy. Economical models are designated as “A+” and “A”. Also note the climate class freezer. For our environment fit model, normally operating at temperatures of 10-32 ° C (SN), 16-32 ° C (n). But you can buy the freezer and is designed to operate in a wider temperature range.

The important role played by special features freezer. For example, a fast freeze function,
the presence of cold accumulators, is able to maintain temperature in the chamber within 24 hours after disconnection freezer from the power source. Battery maintain the temperature in the chamber should be taken into account  if you often cut off the electricity.

Device defrosting system No Frost are more expensive, but the frost in the freezer is not formed.
However, contrary to popular belief, in this case, it is desirable sometimes to make a “manual” defrost.
The internal volume of the freezer with No Frost system will be less than the freezer without such a system (it takes place).

More expensive models freezers have an electronic control. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive
option, choose models with mechanical control.

Write and call our office, our experts will help You choose equipment!

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