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Freezing chests.

Chests Tadiran intended for storage, trade of ice cream and other frozen or chilled products.
Temperatures up to -25°C allows you to securely keep the products. The walls of the chest are made of
metal and filled with polyurethane foam under high pressure.

Freezing chests is ideal for long-term storage of frozen vegetables and berries, fish and meat products.
Freezing chests with a deaf caps are mostly used in warehouses and back rooms of retail outlets.  They allow you to save working space thanks to the opening of the covers up and have negligible heat loss.


  • the thermostat is a mechanical type;
  • imported compressor;
  • adjustable feet;
  • the lock on the remote cover.

Competitive advantages:

  • fill the body of the chests and covers with polyurethane foam in molds under high pressure provides effective sealing and does not require additional operation time of the compressor does not contribute to the increase in power consumption, and also increases the rigidity of the casing of the chest and allows to eliminate the welding in the Assembly, which can be a potential source of corrosion. In case of power failure or of failure of a chest effective insulation will allow for tightly fitting lid keep a low temperature inside the chamber of a chest during the day;
  • the opening of the covers freezer chest up prevents the ingress of warm air into the duct, and this
    helps to maintain the optimal temperature with much less energy;
  • covers deaf chests for better sealing with magnetic rubber;
  • the outer and the inner shell of the chest-made of galvanized steel with polymer coating. Galvanized steel has a greater corrosion and wear resistance, and resistance to impact loads during operation, compared to conventional painted steel;
  • the thermostat is of the mechanical type provides control of the cooling circuit, including or
    switching off the compressor when reaching the pre-set temperature value inside the cooled volume;
  • given a condenser forced air cooling does not allow the walls of the chest to heat up, provides
    greater stability and efficiency of the work of chest at high temperatures, and therefore increases
    the service life;
  • reinforced hinges and knobs withstand long-term operation;
  • for safe operation of the chest connecting them to the mains is made via a double pole socket
    with earth pin or using a stationary junction box wire with three conductors, one of which must
    be yellow-green to ground;
  • the smooth operation at ambient temperature up to +32 °C.


  • chests tropical execution;
  • chests with dynamic cooling medium temperature (0 °C to +8 °C) universal (from -5 °to + 5 °C;
    freezer from -25 °C to -12 °C;
  • medium temperature from 0 °C to +8 °C;
  • universal -5 °C to + 5 °C;
  • chests on wheeled supports.

Under the order of Freezing chests are equipped with baskets for storing already frozen goods.


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