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Inverter air conditioners

Inverter air conditioner is a brand name air conditioners that have the ability to change the frequency of rotation of the compressor motor (inverter — from the Latin. inverto — turn, turn, change). The first inverter air conditioner appeared in 1981 in Japan.

The big advantage of inverter air conditioners is that they can generate more power at the right time. The conditioning starts at a high power level, which in normal conditions is not used. This mode is activated when a sharp increase in the number of people in the room and other occasions when you need to quickly and efficiently create in the room a comfortable atmosphere. Inverter model accurately tracks all changes and flexibly adjust output power, keeping the room a comfortable temperature.

Other benefits of inverter Tadiran Power.
The original technology of inverter and compressor to ensure an even more perfect and accurate inverter control with extended power range and reduced energy consumption and less noise and vibration.

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