How to choose air conditioning.

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December 22, 2017
January 12, 2018
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How to choose air conditioning.

air conditioners

You should pay attention when choosing the air conditioner.

Still in the middle of the last century engineers have invented a household device that is often installed in office and residential rooms is air conditioning. Modern models of this technology is not only cool but also heat and purify the air.

There are several varieties of conditioning. The first is set in the window is a monolithic block, one side of which is located outside and the other blows into the room with cool air. By the way, today you can find portable air conditioners that are installed on the floor.

The second type is split air conditioner or split system. Two units of this device are separated by a hose passing through the wall.

The third type of air conditioners is multiple. Unlike split systems, which consist of two parts, external and internal, multi-systems one external unit and several internal, for each room.

The last type refers to expensive and difficult to install. Monolithic air conditioners, in turn, close of the window and reduce its insulating properties. Therefore, the most popular type of air conditioners for homes remain split system.

Read more about the cost of each type of air conditioners you can find if you call our office or come to our address.

Note that the type of air conditioning is not the only thing you should pay attention in the store.

First, calculate the area of the room that needs cooling or heating. Split systems most manufacturers is designed to work in the same room, so in large buildings install air-conditioners in each living room, or mounted the multi. However, certain models have the function of venting air over a given area.

Second, define some additional functions of the air conditioner. He can clean and ionize the air to eliminate odors, to remove from the air the allergens and so on. Some models, according to manufacturers, can even kill a number of germs in the air.

Thirdly, consider whether you fly the model with winter heating functions. Additionally, consider the noise level that produces air conditioning.

Remember that the quality and efficiency of air conditioners and split-systems directly affects the correctness of installation, not to mention the fact that the installation involves working at dangerous heights. Therefore, the installation should be handled only by the experts.

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