How to choose the equipment to store complex configuration.

August 28, 2017
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September 25, 2017
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How to choose the equipment to store complex configuration.


Supermarket product Cooler

Enterprises of trade and public catering, along with the stationary refrigerators needed other types of refrigeration equipment bars used for short-term storage of chilled or frozen products and semi-finished and ready meals. This equipment also allows a clear demonstration of the offered goods. Among such equipment include all kinds of refrigerated counters, freezers, refrigerating cabinets, pastry display cases, etc. This type equipment is widely used in supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants and other outlets.

If the store you got the room with a complex configuration, carefully choose a trading and refrigerating equipment. The layout of the trading floor affect the convenience of customers, and hence profit of the store.

Produce Section of a Large Food Supermarket

Produce Section of a Large Food Supermarket

The equipment must be in the same style.
The effect of imperfections in the configuration of space can be smoothed into a single style of commercial and refrigeration equipment. Increasingly, owners of retail outlets refuse tolling equipment manufacturers food and beverage and choose equipment for a trading hall, which is stylistically matched to each other. Noise repels buyer. The store looked holistically choose equipment from the same series or similar design. More expensive way – plating decorative materials.

The equipment must be uniform dimensions.
The reason is the same: a sloppy store repels shoppers. A single line of docked equipment will give the store stylish look and visually increase the space. When You choose shopping or refrigeration, please specify is there the option of interfacing and how they are similar in overall characteristics.

The equipment must be compact.
Convenience stores are limited in space, they occupy an area of not more than 300 m2. If the premises are a rectangle or a square, the layout problem is not as acute. You will be able to easily accommodate the required amount of product and leave spacious passages between rows.

Complex configuration of the store restricts the manipulation of the placement of the equipment. Shop save only the compact equipment with advanced features of the exposition. It solve the problem with space and inventory. Such equipment may cost a little more expensive but will justify itself in the first months. If the store can easily walk with the cart and have everything you need, it will attract
more customers, and therefore profit from this store will be higher.

The equipment should work effectively.
If the refrigeration equipment will not maintain proper temperatures, foods spoil. With savings on parts and ineffective design solutions for the refrigeration equipment can consume more electricity and make noise.

When choosing commercial equipment carefully studying the technical specifications. If something is unclear – ask the engineer to decipher. If the design of the equipment components from leading manufacturers – is a guarantee of reliability. Visit the stores that already equipped with the proposed equipment, see for yourself how comfortable in the store equipped with this equipment.

Save yourself a list of these rules. When You repair your shop or open a new one, be sure to check with the listed points. They will help to make the store profitable and popular among buyers.

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