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August 17, 2017
August 28, 2017
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Industrial air conditioning

Industrial air conditioning is called HVAC equipment of high power, the main purpose of
which is the cooling of buildings and entire buildings with a large total area. Our company is engaged in the sale and installation of industrial and semi-industrial air conditioners with cooling from 3 to 600 kW, heating from 10 to 300 kW and air from 800 to 9000 m3/hour. All submitted industrial air conditioners differ in the type of performance (close-coupled and split systems) and the type of cooling of condensate (water and air).
Industrial air conditioners are used in commercial premises to ensure comfortable working conditions for personnel and proper operation of installed equipment. The fundamental difference between domestic air-conditioner from industrial sites in the Coldroom. Industrial air conditioning capable of cooling all at once the building, while its domestic counterpart — only room a small area. To buy industrial air conditioning today is not a particularly difficult task. Large selection of equipment in our warehouse and competent advice a qualified specialist of our company will allow you to easily solve this problem quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

Types of industrial air conditioners.

  • Multizone air conditioning system (VRV/VRF). This system includes one outdoor unit to which at the same time connected to several internal blocks of various types and power. This type of conditioning often used in buildings with a large number of domestic premises and require separate adjustment of the temperature.
  • The system chiller-fan coil. This type of industrial air conditioning uses a refrigerant ordinary water, which is cooled in the chiller and then flows into the located at the premises of the so-called the fan coil units. The system chiller-fan coil in its capabilities similar to the multizone air-conditioning system.
  • Rooftop air conditioners (rooftops). Monoblock this unit is installed directly on the roof of the building and all this system is capable of not only conditioning, but also ventilation of the air in the room. Rooftops usually used in rooms large common area, such as shopping malls, gyms,
    cinema, meeting rooms and other common areas.
  • Precision air conditioners. These air conditioners should be installed in those areas in which there is strong heat dissipation from the equipment and where necessary the required level humidity.
  • Central air. This type of industrial air conditioning system allows you to prepare the air before it is fed directly to premises, among which work with air treatment, filtration, drainage or
    hydration, and optionally cooling or heating. It is advisable to install this type
    air conditioning in malls, theatres, restaurants or cafes, sports complexes, etc..

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