Semi-industrial air conditioners.

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October 5, 2017
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Semi-industrial air conditioners.

Premium Inverter cassette type Series

Cassette air conditioners – their benefits.
To install a cassette air conditioner (cassette split system) required ceiling. However, unlike the channel
split systems, cassette type air conditioners distribute cooled air through the bottom of the unit. The lower part of the cassette split system has a size of standard ceiling tiles of 600×600 mm, and at high power twice as 1200×600 mm and closed with a decorative grille with louver junction. The main advantage of cassette air conditioners — invisibility, because it is visible only decorative grille. One more advantage — uniform distribution of the air flow four directions, allowing you to use only one air conditioner cassette type for cooling a large room (when using wall-mounted split systems to achieve the same effect would have had to use 2-3 conditioning less power).

The advantages of cassette split systems:

  • a large area of service;
    elegant design (visible only front panel);
    the possibility of an inflow of fresh air;
    quadripartite air distribution.

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