The chiller Tadiran. Double door.

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October 31, 2017
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November 21, 2017
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The chiller Tadiran. Double door.

The chiller Tadiran has an important advantage compared to cabinets with conventional doors.
It saves space, because the device has a sliding door panels, for opening of which there is no need to provide next available space. Cabinets can be installed in the most modest commercial buildings that does not constrain nor buyers, no staff will ensure the complete representation of the product. Therefore, the presence of sliding doors not only directly saves electricity but also saves the life of the equipment.

Competitive advantages:

  • the outer and inner case of galvanized steel with polymer coating — double protection against rust;
  • shelves covered with plastic paint for long-lasting operation;
  • insulation made of polyurethane foam under high pressure minimizes the loss of cold from the cabinet;
  • stocked walk-in cooler compressor — saves energy costs;
  • forced circulation air volume with fan for uniform cooling of product;
  • top a light box illuminated— for easy advertising of products sold;
  • door coupe additionally save working space;
  • doors have automatic mechanism;
  • protection is a remote control which controls the voltage and allows you to turn on the compressor at too low or too high voltage, preventing compressor failure;
  • effective combination of technical solutions ensures low power consumption: electricity consumption by 1 liter of volume. Refrigerated cabinets Tadiran in comparison with the best Ukrainian counterparts more economical than 15-20 %.
  • intelligent defrost of the evaporator in the closets, Tadiran is an electronic controller that enables and disables the defrost mode automatically;
  • operates at an ambient temperature of +35 °C.

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