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VRF-system Tadiran.

Outdoor unitsIn the modern world, optimal living conditions are often achieved at the expense of the environment. While our Health and well-being are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can not be put at risk.

Tadiran follows its principles: reliable and energy-efficient solutions in the field of air conditioning Can improve the quality of life without causing harm to nature.

Tadiran air-conditioning systems based on innovative technologies are safe for your home and are
Economical solution for different rooms.

The company Tadiran stands for the protection of our planet. At all stages of the product life cycle, we use only environmentally friendly refrigerants and components, thereby preserving the surrounding world for future generations.

Comfortable life in an environmentally clean world is the goal of Tadiran.


Multi-zone VRF-conditioning systems offered by Tadiran in the global market under brand TAD IV Series, represent a unique combination of high performance, environmental friendliness and economy. The main advantage of the TAD IV Series VRF system is the most modern Technical solutions that provide processability of installation, user comfort and safety daily operation.
The concept of VRF-air conditioning system TAD IV Series is currently one of the most advanced
And universal methods of comfortable air conditioning from the market. VRF-systems Tadiran
The most simple to manage, easy to install and have the highest energy efficiency, which is especially important in the era of the energy crisis. The service life of the equipment has increased significantly recently, while low operating costs make the TAD IV Series VRF-systems a profitable solution for most types of modern buildings. Most modern VRF systems still have a problem loss of energy and reduced efficiency. Tadiran pays much attention to this issue, so before developing
Tadiran engineers were tasked to create the most energy-efficient product by improving the operation of the refrigeration circuit and organizing the return of oil to the compressor. Development of TAD IV Series began in 2010 and today Tadiran offers the most advanced product of the TAD IV Series,
Ahead of all generally accepted standards and set new energy efficiency records in the sphere of multizone conditioning.

Seasonal efficiency gives a more realistic notion of the usefulness of the TAD IV Series.

The energy efficiency coefficient has a limited value, since it reflects only the ratio of the energy consumed power to the capacity under certain conditions. However, seasonal efficacy based on standards of the European Committee of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning and Treatment Equipment and Institute of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration, gives a more realistic concept of useful action. This technique allows you to measure the ratio of cooling capacity to energy consumption during a certain season, taking into account temperature fluctuations for greater accuracy. One of the reasons for
Which VRF systems can achieve higher seasonal efficiencies than conventional systems, that they are more effective under partial load conditions. Air conditioning systems are generally 90% of the time
Work with partial load, which is mainly in the range of 40-80% of the maximum capacity.

Tadiran’s revolutionary technologies help reduce energy losses that are inevitable in conventional VRF systems.
Optimizing the operation of the compressor, heat exchanger and oil regulation – ensure maximum increase
Energy efficiency of the product.

A compressor with high-pressure oil return significantly reduces refrigerant losses and
Energy in comparison with conventional systems. The technology prevents the loss of the volume of gaseous refrigerant under high pressure in the inlet line of the compressor due to the return of oil directly from the oil separator.
Thus, the use of this technology makes the TAD IV Series system more economical in terms of energy consumption, than the systems of previous generations, with an increase in the compressor efficiency from 6% at 15 Hz to 33% at 150 Hz.
The patented Tadiran technology allows to regulate the heat exchanger circuit: the heat exchange surface is regulated automatically with the choice of optimal moves for both hot and cold flows. In conventional heat exchangers the number of moves is fixed, although at a certain temperature its change could increase the efficiency.

The technology of the adjustable heat exchanger circuit provides for changing the number of strokes in accordance with ambient temperature and operating mode, which gives an increase in overall energy efficiency by 6%.

The active refrigerant control function provides automatic control and regulation of the circulation
Refrigerant during each cycle.

In conventional systems, the amount of refrigerant is fixed, which leads to a decrease in efficiency at partial load and when working on heating. Active regulation of the refrigerant includes five steps of precise regulation, this gives four additional percent of energy efficiency.

TAD IV Series – technology of excellence.

The operational advantages of the TAD IV Series VRF system were confirmed by rigorous tests of the American Association of AHRI engineers who showed that today the TAD IV Series is the most effective
VRF system according to SEER.

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